Our commitment to philanthropic efforts are managed through Dawood Foundation.

The Dawood Foundation

The Dawood family formed The Dawood Foundation in 1960 with a vision to empower individuals through learning and education. Beginning conventionally with the establishment of institutions, the foundation endeavours to introduce innovative interactive spaces for informal learning that serve everyone. Moving from formal education to informal education is stimulating, giving projects more fluidity, dynamism, interactivity and room to try new ways of engaging with people.
  • Engro Foundation

    Engro Foundation was born from the passionate belief that only with a purpose beyond profit do all commercial endeavours find meaning. For over fifteen years we have supported and empowered innovation and supported partners in line with our core commitment to create lasting difference in the communities we engage in by perpetuating self-sustaining transformational initiatives. To maximize social and economic impact, Engro Foundation has pivoted to an inclusive business model that targets low-income communities where Engro businesses are based. This model enables underprivileged members of our society to emerge as potential business partners and become vendors, customers and employees in our business value chains.
  • Karachi School of Business & Leadership

    Karachi School of Business & Leadership was founded by practitioners of business to encourage the development of Effective Leaders; the enduring foundation for competitive advantage.
 KSBL’s perseverance is human development on the core principles of truth, trust, humility, integrity, competence and striving in the time of hardship.

  • Dawood Public School

    Dawood Public School (DPS) is one of the largest girls’ schools in Karachi, offering O and A level education to over 2500 girls. The school is housed in a single campus which consists of 4 buildings. DPS is one of the pioneer green schools in Pakistan and gives importance to health and environmental education.

  • TDF Ghar

    Retaining the history and heritage of Karachi, The Dawood Foundation restored and renovated a 1930’s house (Ghar in Urdu). TDF Ghar is open to public with an aim to promote informal learning spaces in Karachi. It is a platform where people from all ethnicities can come together to share their culture and indulge in discussions about science and arts.
  • MagnifiScience

    MagnifiScience is an umbrella under which The Dawood Foundation promotes science literacy and critical thinking in youth through experiential learning. It is an inclusive platform which creates learning spaces by inviting people together from all backgrounds, irrespective of age, gender or class. MagnifiScience includes science exhibitions across the country and children’s studio.
  • TDF Nature Series

    The wide variety of ecosystems, habitats and the diverse flora and fauna forms the natural heritage of Pakistan. TDF Nature Series documents this diversity and showcases them on various platforms, with an aim to create awareness regarding the conservation of the natural treasure of Pakistan.